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French people, especially Parisians, initially hated the Tour Eiffel until they realized it was useful to catch radio waves. It then became a touristic attraction and French people started to like it. Nevertheless, one French out of 3 has never visited the Eiffel Tower

When a cat brings a dead animal in front of your door, he is showing you his loyalty. He is telling you that you are not able to hunt and he is taking care of you

Prairie dogs kiss each other to say hi. These rodents are typical of American grasslands and they are very friendly. They cuddle each other like human beings

Pablo Escobar owned his own zoo, where he hosted several animals bought illegally. Among them, there were more than 3 hippopotamuses that caused several damages after Escobar died

Birds are the evolution of dinosaurs. The chicken is considered the closest relative of the T-Rex, which became a prey after being a predator

Basket was invented in the US in December 1891 by the gymnastic teacher James Naismith. He wrote the rules of a new game created to keep football players well trained in Winter

The richest superhero is Black Panter with assets worth 500 billion dollars. Then there is Iron Man with assets worth 100 billion dollars and Batman with 80 billion dollars

In 1999 the founders of Google tried to sell their web search engine to Excite for an amount lower than 1 million dollars

French tradition says that Santa Claus leaves gifts in children’s shoes and not under the Christmas tree

In the Middle Age people were consistently shorter than now. An adult man was usually 1.50 meters tall and an adult woman was usually 1.40 meters tall. It is due also to the fact that in the Middle Age people used to eat a lot of cereals. In fact, hunters used to be taller.

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