Animal Facts

When cats have difficulties in digesting food, they throw it up and eat it again so that they can better digest it

Honey is sometimes considered bee vomit because it comes out of their mouth

Bees are essential for life. They pollinate trees, which then produce flowers and seeds: for this reason, if they do not keep living, we would extinguish

When a cat brings a dead animal in front of your door, he is showing you his loyalty. He is telling you that you are not able to hunt and he is taking care of you

Cats do not rub against legs of their owners to cuddle them, but because they are releasing scent produced by their glands. In this way, they mark people, objects and their belongings

Prairie dogs kiss each other to say hi. These rodents are typical of American grasslands and they are very friendly. They cuddle each other like human beings

Cats have 244 bones, 60 of which are vertebrae. 20 vertebrae can be found in their tails to make it flexible

Pablo Escobar owned his own zoo, where he hosted several animals bought illegally. Among them, there were more than 3 hippopotamuses that caused several damages after Escobar died

Birds are the evolution of dinosaurs. The chicken is considered the closest relative of the T-Rex, which became a prey after being a predator

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