Celebrity Facts

The richest superhero is Black Panter with assets worth 500 billion dollars. Then there is Iron Man with assets worth 100 billion dollars and Batman with 80 billion dollars

In July 2008 Lenny Kravitz was honored in Milan and received the key to the city in a ceremony with the United Nations Millennium Campaign against world poverty

When he moved to Los Angeles and before starting his musical career, Bruno Mars used to support himself by playing poker

When she was 18, Katy Perry had a fake wedding with her best friend in Las Vegas

Calvin Harris did not appear in the X-Factor UK studios for 7 years after entering the stage during a performance of two singers in 2009. He had a pineapple on his head and slapped his bottom before running off

When she was a child, Beyoncé asked her relatives that watched her performances to pay 5 dollars. She never had any doubts about her talent

Bruno Mars can not only sing and dance, he is also able to play the drums, the bass, the guitar and the piano

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