Cool Facts

There are a sex museum and a torture museum in Prague, Czech Republic

In 1996 Marvel and DC combined Wolverine and Batman into a unique character called Dark Claw for a crossover series

French tradition says that Santa Claus leaves gifts in children’s shoes and not under the Christmas tree

There is a poop museum in Tokyo and it even offers gadgets to its visitors

The videogame Assassin’s Creed was supposed to be one of the videogames belonging to the saga “Prince of Persia” with a small difference: the co-op function

The first chapter of Devil May Cry was supposed to be the sequel of Resident Evil and the possibility to shoot while suspended in the air was actually a bug, but it soon became Dante’s main ability

In France you can marry a dead person in special circumstances. Since 1950, thousands of marriages with dead people were celebrated

If they have the possibility to do it, butterflies can drink human blood

When she was 18, Katy Perry had a fake wedding with her best friend in Las Vegas

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