History Facts

The O’Connel Bridge in Dublin is 5.5 meters larger than longer. This is due to its location in the city center and to the importance of having a lot of space for traffic

Pablo Escobar owned his own zoo, where he hosted several animals bought illegally. Among them, there were more than 3 hippopotamuses that caused several damages after Escobar died

Birds are the evolution of dinosaurs. The chicken is considered the closest relative of the T-Rex, which became a prey after being a predator

In the Middle Age people were consistently shorter than now. An adult man was usually 1.50 meters tall and an adult woman was usually 1.40 meters tall. It is due also to the fact that in the Middle Age people used to eat a lot of cereals. In fact, hunters used to be taller.

The first vibrator was invented in ancient Egypt in 54 BC when queen Cleopatra found out that a hollow gourd filled with angry bees could vibrate

In 1896 Zanzibar and England made the shortest war of the world: Zanzibar surrendered after 18 minutes

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