Odd Facts

Neil Armstrong (the first man on the moon) is the great uncle of Billie Joe Armstrong (the lead singer of Green Day)

When a customer service representative puts you on hold they can hear everything you’re saying

The corpse flower, named after its unfortunate smell, can take up to six years to bloom

In 1567, the man said to have the longest beard in the world died after he tripped over his beard running away from a fire

There is a glacier called “Blood Falls” in Antarctica that regularlypours out red liquid, making it look like the ice is bleeding. It’sactually oxidised salty water

In 1923, jockey Frank Hayes won a race at Belmont Park in New York despite being dead — he suffered a heart attack mid-race, but his body stayed in the saddle until his horse crossed the line for a 20–1 outsider victory

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