Strange Facts

There are so many McDonalds in the US, that you can never be more than 115 miles away from one of them

When cats have difficulties in digesting food, they throw it up and eat it again so that they can better digest it

There are a lot of abandoned expensive cars in Dubai because bankruptcy is considered a crime and punished with jail. Sometimes people leave Dubai and abandon expensive cars to avoid problems

French people, especially Parisians, initially hated the Tour Eiffel until they realized it was useful to catch radio waves. It then became a touristic attraction and French people started to like it. Nevertheless, one French out of 3 has never visited the Eiffel Tower

There are a sex museum and a torture museum in Prague, Czech Republic

When a cat brings a dead animal in front of your door, he is showing you his loyalty. He is telling you that you are not able to hunt and he is taking care of you

Cats do not rub against legs of their owners to cuddle them, but because they are releasing scent produced by their glands. In this way, they mark people, objects and their belongings

Members of the English Royal Family have to bring with them one black mourning outfit when they leave the Country. In fact, if a member of the Family dies while they are abroad, they have to be ready to wear a suitable outfit

Joaquín Guzmán better known as El Chapo used to spend 2500 dollars each month to buy the rubber bands that kept his money together

English Royal Family cannot play Monopoly because it is considered an immoral and improper game

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