Weird Facts

French people, especially Parisians, initially hated the Tour Eiffel until they realized it was useful to catch radio waves. It then became a touristic attraction and French people started to like it. Nevertheless, one French out of 3 has never visited the Eiffel Tower

There are a sex museum and a torture museum in Prague, Czech Republic

When a cat brings a dead animal in front of your door, he is showing you his loyalty. He is telling you that you are not able to hunt and he is taking care of you

Cats do not rub against legs of their owners to cuddle them, but because they are releasing scent produced by their glands. In this way, they mark people, objects and their belongings

Pablo Escobar owned his own zoo, where he hosted several animals bought illegally. Among them, there were more than 3 hippopotamuses that caused several damages after Escobar died

You can die of an overdose of chocolate, which is a vasodilator. Eating more than 85 chocolate bars could bring to death.

Once a man got a “Netflix” tattoo and Netflix gave him a free year of service

French tradition says that Santa Claus leaves gifts in children’s shoes and not under the Christmas tree

There is a poop museum in Tokyo and it even offers gadgets to its visitors

In France you can marry a dead person in special circumstances. Since 1950, thousands of marriages with dead people were celebrated

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