Usa Facts

There are so many McDonalds in the US, that you can never be more than 115 miles away from one of them

Basket was invented in the US in December 1891 by the gymnastic teacher James Naismith. He wrote the rules of a new game created to keep football players well trained in Winter

In the US people tried to cook eggs on hot pavements in summer. They found out that the min temperature to make an egg “à la coque” is 158 Fahreneit

When he moved to Los Angeles and before starting his musical career, Bruno Mars used to support himself by playing poker

When she was 18, Katy Perry had a fake wedding with her best friend in Las Vegas

It took more than 10 million bricks and more than 730 tons of aluminum and steel to cover the façade of the Empire State Building in New York

The world’s largest living thing is a fungus from the US. It is called Armillaria Ostoyae and its biggest part is made of its huge filaments hidden in the Earth and linked to roots of trees

On average one tourist dies every week in Hawaii while climbing or surfing

Even if it is a tuber, potato is considered the most eaten vegetable in the US. An American person usually eats around 60 kilos of potatoes per year

US is the greatest producer of cranberries in the world (in 2018 the Country grew around 380.000 tons of cranberries)

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